In our hearts forever <3


<3 In loving memory of our first standard bull terrier "Buffy" <3
Run free on rainbow bridge pretty baby,
you will never be forgotten.
Always in our hearts!
We love you <3

<3 Buffy <3

Born: 29.02.2004
Kennelname: Bullenoias Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dailyname: "Buffy"

We got our first bull terrier in 2004, the cutest little thing, "Buffy" <3
She was the funniest and most loving bullie, and she always maked us laugh! 😀
Buffy got a new little sister "Puma" in the summer 2007, and she loved being the big sister 🙂
We used to call her "the destroyer", because of her need to "taste" ever new thing she came every new furniture we got had some marks of her teeth after a her little "tasting", hahaha 🙂 She was so silly and adorable <3

Sadly Buffy got very sick, and we had to say goodbye to her in the end of year was the hardest and most difficult descition we had to do, saying goodbye to our baby, but the right descition to do...

<3 We miss you Buffy-baby and hope you have it better in bullie-heaven <3

Some photos of Buffy:

Mummy`s white angel <3

Buffy, may 2006 :-)

Buffy loved the sun <3

GOAL! We had alot of fun playing dress-up :-)

Winter princess :-)

Daddy is trying to get Buffy into the water with him... ;-) Oh no, too cold says Buffy ;-) - June 2007 -

<3 Buffy and puppy-Puma <3

Reading the Bull Terrier Magazine... ;-) - 2005 -

Out in the woods :-) September 2004 <3

Mmm...sausages :-P

Puppy-love, Buffy, 9 weeks old <3

Buffy with friends:

Buffy & her friend Honey, april 2006 :-)

<3 Buffy and Birra, may you both rest in peace <3 You have both a special place in our hearts <3

Buffy with Tara and puppy-Mocha :-)

Buffy with a chinchilla-baby on her head :-)

<3 "Sisters" <3

First bullie-meeting in Trondheim 2004. Buffy, Pia & Spot :-)

Kira & Buffy :-)

Mocha, Tara & Buffy :-)

Lord & Buffy :-)