Edel 💜 Nordic Bull’s Blueberry Shortcake
Jojo enjoying the spring sun in the winter garden after a 16 km cross country ski trip with the boys last sunday ☀️❄️💜
Easter 2021, Madde & Bulka 💛



* 10.August 2019 *

❤ Happy Birthday to our B-litter 4 years old! Fibi, Lillie, Ned, Bullet, Edel & Yatzy! 🥳❤




* 19.March 2019 *

❤ Happy Birthday to our A-litter; Tim, Arya, Cookie, Ariel & Achilla!  ❤




* 7.March 2019 *

❤ Happy Birthday to our C-litter; Dennis, Igor & Ingrid! ❤

 1 year old today! 🥳







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"Tim" is health tested, all clear!
Madde & Bulka
Our little pieces of sugar, the B-litter, 1 year old!
Happy Birthday to Bullet, Fibi, Lillie, Yatzy, Ned and Edel who turned 1 year old the of August. Photo taken by Fotograf Hattrem.
We still miss you Puma!
Earlier this year we had to say goodbye to our best friend Puma. We are still heart broken.